Nominate you Top 10 Manga to Make You Cry

Okay yeah this is a shameless rip off of a recent BBC article on the Top 10 Movies that made men cry. But it’s something I liked and figured I’d like to do for manga.

Basically give me nominations for what you consider to be the best manga to make you cry, it can be licensed or unlicensed, just either list them in the comments or drop me an email through the Contact page at the top.

2 weeks from today I’ll make a poll out of all the titles I’ve been given which will itself run for 2 weeks, at the end of it we’ll have the Top 10 Manga to Make You Cry.

Here are my nominations:

  • Tetragrammatron Labyrinth
  • Glass Mask
  • Hoshi no Koe – The Voices of a Distant Star(one of my all time fave weepy titles)
  • Arcana Soul
  • Lament of the Lamb
  • Wish
  • Jyu oh Sei

Lets see who can claim the #1 Spot. Also when the Top 10 is confirmed I’ll do a series of special reviews looking at them, as well as contacting those that nominated them to see why they did (if they want to talk that is hehe)

Author: Ryu Sheng