Blog Update – The Future

Just a quick post about where I’m heading with my blog and where we’re at at the moment.

Firstly as you’ve no doubt seen I’ve started to post more frequently, it’s my hope to get to the following:

  • 3 Manga reviews per week
  • 2 Anime reviews per week
  • 2 J-movie reviews per month
  • 4 J-Novel/Light Novel reviews per month
  • Resurrection of the Series of the Month feature
  • Resurrection of the In My Dreams feature
  • Occasional J-RPG games as they become available on PC

Fair warning, the vast majority of my manga reviews in the future will comes from either DMP or Seven Seas, as those are the two main publishers I support at the moment. This because most of the titles I get come from them. I do have a wide selection of stuff to review from other publishers as well, but that’s where my focus will be.

I’m also hoping to get to a couple of the larger anime/manga cons being held in the UK this year, but this is dependant on being able to get the time of work as well as a babysitter Open-mouthed smile

Also of note is the fact I’ve just started to post over on the Button Smashers site as well. what this means is that in the future you can find some of my posts over on their site as well. I will also be making the odd guest appearance on their podcast. I’m not sure where this is going to take us, but it’s a new step and promises to be interesting!!

Finally I’m going to be looking into a new theme for the blog, I’m hoping Lissa will do the new design, but only the future will tell Open-mouthed smile

Author: Ryu Sheng

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  1. Best of luck with your plans! I know at least I’m looking forward to reading more of your reviews. ^_^

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