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Ryu’s Musings – Crying Freeman Vol01-05

Posted on October 29th, 2011 by Ryu Sheng |

Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of postings over the past two months. Meg, my wife has been having a hard time with her pregnancy and my workload skyrocketed after we were given a new contract. Thankfully things are calming down so I’m once again looking to pick up my reviewing again.

Crying Freeman vol01Language: English
Direction: Right to Left
by: (Script) Kazuo Koike (Art) Ryoichi Ikegami
Publisher: Dark Horse Manga
Type: Series 
Genre: Seinen, Action


He is Yo Himomura, deadly assassin for the 108 Dragons, the Chinese Mafia. But to the criminal underworld who fear him, he is known as Crying Freeman, the killer who sheds tears at the fate of his victims. Young, handsome, sensitive, an artist, Yo has been hypnotically programmed by his Dragon masters to kill on command: he cannot resist his masters’ commands to kill, his masters cannot stop his tears of remorse.

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