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Like a lot of people who do reviews I’m plagued by the age old problem of getting the money to fund buying games, manga, anime, and paying for subscriptions. I’ve looked into various ways of doing it with ads and so forth, but i’ve always found them to be a bit convoluted and not easy to set up and follow. But, since i was recently made redundant it’s now become a very big thing, so that’s what this page is for.

This is the Ad page, here’s where you’ll find ad’s for different things, as well as referral links to the likes of amazon and so on. Any funds raised from this will be ploughed right back into the site and used to pay for new titles and hosting costs. Some of these ad will be sponsored ads as well, where the company has paid in advance for the placement. These will be on top, and Google Ads or whatever one i finally settle on will be on the bottom.

No ad will ever be placed on a review or blog post, but will always be on it’s own page and here on this page. I will however be adding a small note at the end of each review pointing you to the ad page if you’re interested in supporting me.

Ryu sheng

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