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The names of the blog (Ryu’s Dreams) and the the web address (ryusheng.com) have been following me around for years. Ryu Sheng came about when I picked up AD&D and needed a character name. I saw an anime called Legend of the 12 Dragon Kings, and I liked the Ryu-Ou part of the title, so I dropped the Ou and kept the Ryu.

Sheng came from one of the cheesiest TV series ever made, Mortal Combat. One of my fave characters in that was Shang Sun, swapped the ‘a’ in Shang for an ‘e’ and you have the name I used for a good few years. Ryu Sheng-sun. But I didn’t really like the ‘-sun’ part so I dropped it and went with plain old Ryu Sheng.

The title of the Blog, Ryu’s Dreams, again comes from my AD&D days, one of the quests we played revolved around my character dreaming of events and him and his party having to intervene to prevent or cause stuff. Ultimately the game was called Ryu’s Dreams, and lasted for about a year till I made a mistake and got spitted by the new god of slaughter hehe.

I moved from AD&D and went more fully into manga and anime primarily because the costs of AD&D these days are insane, and the game has been dumbed down so much it’s no longer fun to play (Though both me and my mates still play 1st Ed every now and again).

Early last year I started thinking about having my own blog for talking about manga and anime, since that’s where my passion is these days, and since I started another blog recently for another purpose, the motivation to start this one came along with it 😀

I’m hoping to get at least one review a week out, with maybe a couple of commentary posts on the industry as well.

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