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Taking a peek at Official Online Anime Streaming Sites

Posted on June 27th, 2010 by Ryu Sheng |

This post is a follow on from the Manga Viewers post I did when I launched the site a week ago.

For this post I choose four different streaming sites, all of them are legal and the official sites. However when I got into looking at the sites I was disappointed, since in the end the four sites were reduced to one.

First off lets go with the worst out of the lot, drum roll please…..

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Taking a peek at Official Online Manga Readers

Posted on June 22nd, 2010 by Ryu Sheng | 2 Comments

This is my first real post for this blog, and I was thinking of a good way of breaking it in. The result is this post. It’s a bit long, actually it’s a beast hehe but I enjoyed putting it together and hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

For me online readers are most assuredly the way of the future. I don’t have the space to buy and store loads of manga and anime, so I end up taking them to my local store to trade in for my new ones. Sure I get my new stuff cheaper, but it does mean I also get to miss rereading my older stuff.

So online readers for manga, and viewers for anime (which I’ll cover in another post) are a great boon for me. So while scooting around I was rather surprised to find that the official readers never show up in search results. I tried various search engines and various variations of search terms, and not one of them showed up on the search results.

That is a huge flaw in the planning of the companies that own the sites, and something they need to attend to straight away. Even if they have to buy the placement for a while, it would be worth it I think.

Any ways, which ones did I look at? Well as I said I had a bitch of a time finding legal viewers, and so I’ve only found four, yup that’s right, four. And two of those were a bit on the pitiful side.

So lets get started!!

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