Ryu’s Musings – Arpeggio of Blue Steel vol 01

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Title: Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Direction: Right to Left
By: Ark Performance
Language: English
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Format: Book
Type: Manga,Series
Genre: Seinen, Adventure


In the early 21st century, the majority of Earth’s landmass is submerged due to rising sea levels. Enter the Fleet of Fog, a host of sentient alien battleships of unknown origin who easily decimate earth’s naval forces. Humanity is now on the verge of extinction. In the year 2039, the stalwart Captain Chihaya Gunzou and his intrepid crew on the Blue Steel fleet may be humanity’s last chance to fight off the alien invaders. The Blue Steel fleet happens to contain a secret weapon that could turn the tide of war: a mysterious I-401 submarine that can transform into a girl.

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Ryu’s Musings – Jormungand vol1-11 (complete)

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Title: Jormungand
Direction: Right to Left
By: Keitaro Takahashi
Language: English
Publisher: Viz Media
Format: Kindle/Book
Type: Manga,Series
Genre: Seinen, Adventure


Jonah is a child soldier, born amidst the chaotic conflicts that rage across West Asia, his family lost to a war fuelled by weapons supplied by the so-called Merchants of Death–international arms dealers. Despite Jonah’s hatred of weapons and violence, he employs both extremely well in the service of high-flying arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar and her band of mercenaries. Their journey through the dark underbelly of the world’s arms markets may lead only to damnation, but will Jonah one day make his way back to the light? Only one thing is certain: it’s going to be a long, hard road out of hell…

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Rio Rainbow

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Rio: Rainbow Gate is an anime that was originally aired in the early months of 2011. One of the shorter series, airing a total of 14 episodes (13+1 bonus episode), the anime had a unique concept, combining the trope of Powers in the New Episode with a new theme: casinos.

The series tells the story of Rio Rollins, a casino dealer who brings good luck to customers she interacts with or even just walks past, earning her the nickname, “Goddess of Victory”. Surprisingly, it turns out that her effect on players comes from a card in her possession. Apparently, she possesses a “Gate” — one of thirteen rare cards that are wagered in battles with other “Gate Holders”. Collecting all thirteen Gates grants the dealer the type of Most Valued Casino Dealer (MVCD), and unlocks a Rainbow Gate that grants the MVCD one wish.

Gate Holders face each other in Gate Battles for Gates (what a mouthful), but not all Gate Holders are equal. There are also characters called “Roll Rulers”, who have the ability to change the battlefield of a Gate Battle to their liking. In the series, there are three Roll Rulers: Rio, her mother Risa, and her childhood friend Rina.

Throughout the series, Rio discovers more about her powers as a Gate Holder, eventually collecting all thirteen Gates. She enters the Rainbow Gate and spreads good fortune throughout the world.

The innovative use of different casino games as venues for Gate Battles is entertaining enough to watch. The series has Gate Battles in the form of poker, pinball, and even blackjack. For all the popularity casinos experienced in the last few years, more players have started flocking towards online casino games. Bwin.party claims that their acquisition of online gambling site www.gdcasino.it was the reason for a 43.5% increase in revenue the following year. More people have begun playing casino games online, and the brick-and-mortar casinos may soon fade out of existence. Seeing such an innovative use of the casino environment is refreshing and entertaining, and it may be the last anime we see featuring a live casino instead of an online one.

But the anime is chock-full of clichés, starting with how the main character mysteriously has a power she has never heard of — and as though this wasn’t enough, she also happens to be incredibly talented at this new power — more than other, more experienced individuals are with theirs. Rio becomes something of a Mary Sue, and in the few episodes of the series, she doesn’t encounter any real problems.

The art also doesn’t stand out, and it’s quite generic. Characterization was lacking in the series, as none of the characters undergo any changes throughout the series, even in the bonus episode.




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Ryu’s Musings – Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita)

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Title: Danganronpa Trigger Happy  Havoc
Release Date: 15th February 2014
Language: English/Japanese
Publisher: MIS America
Format: PSN Store/Cartridge
Type: Game, Single Player
Genre: Shounen, Adventure, Visual Novel


Hope’s Peak Academy is home to Japan’s best and brightest high school students-the beacons of hope for the future. But that hope suddenly dies when Makoto Naegi and his classmates find themselves imprisoned in the school, cut off from the outside world and subject to the whims of a strange, murderous little bear named Monokuma.He pits the students against each other, promising freedom to anyone who can murder a fellow classmate and get away with it. It’s up to you to find out who Monokuma really is, and why you’ve been taken from the world you once knew. But be careful what you wish for-sometimes there’s nothing more deadly than the truth…

Please note that the following post contains spoilers

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Ryu’s Site Review – Animax TV UK

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Animax is one of the largest streaming sites around, rivalling Crunchyroll. For the longest time they were in separate rings though, Crunchy taking the west and Animax the east. Over the past few years however Animax have been spreading westwards, though without much fanfare. The problem they faced was the hold that Crunchyroll has on the anime streaming in the west. Crunchyroll however is heavily focused on America, with Europe being a back hander. this has lead to a lot of disgruntled European fans who would like to support legal avenues of watching anime, but are forced to fan subs because there’s no legal option available.

Yes there are several other anime streaming sites in Europe, but most of those tend to just be re-skinned Crunchyroll, sub licensing for showing in Europe.

Animax, who joined forces with Sony sought to bridge that gap, which they did; sort of.

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Ryu’s Musings – Persona 3 (FES & Portable)

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Title: Persona 3 FES
Language: English
Publisher: Atlus (USA)/ Koei (EU)/ Ghostlight (EU) PSP version
Format: PSN Store
Type: Game, Single Player
Genre: Supernatural, Action J-RPG, Shounen


Lead a group of high school students with a dangerous extracurricular activity: exploring the mysterious tower Tartarus and fighting the sinister Shadows during the Dark Hour, a frozen span of time imperceptible to all but a select few. However, the end of their quest is no longer the end of the story. Witness for the first time the aftermath of the final battle and the students’ struggle to find meaning in their new lives.

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