New Feature articles coming!!

I’m planning on doing two new feature posts on my blog. First is a feature called “In My Dreams” which will be a weekly post looking at titles that are currently unlicensed, will probably always be unlicensed, but I would love to see licensed. You never know I may nudge a publisher to pick up a favourite of mine 😀

The second will be a “Series of the Month” sort of thing. It’ll be looking at completed series only both old school and relatively new. The post will be spoiler heavy at a guess, since I’ll be looking into plot developments, character developments, as well as other general comments on the series. I’ll also be looking at how well the series ends, whether it’s a good or bad ending.

I also hope to have an irregular posting as well. This will be interviews with various people from the manga publishing industry……that’s if I ever get a reply to my emails hehe

The first of the In My Dreams posts will be up this evening, and hopefully the series post will go up tomorrow. Just need to find a good starting series.

Author: Ryu Sheng