Ryu’s Musings – Yodong’s Vampire (One-Shot)

19 ISBN-13: Online Only
Language: English
Direction: Left to Right
Pages: 232
by: Youjung Lee
Publisher: NetComics
Type: One-Shot
Genre: Fantasy, Shonen

Meet Mr. Yodong Lee, a timid 27-year-old virgin who spends his days in a dull office job and quiet nights at home with the dog. In one day Yodong’s life is turned upside-down when he takes in a poor orphan girl who magically transforms into a vampish vampire. Losing both his virginity and his dog to his new lover’s voracious appetites, our protagonist is catapulted into a radical new world of danger and excitement. Faced with an oversexed boss who accuses him of sexual harassment, a sadistic ex-con with a pair of fang marks on his neck, and a lover with a strong aversion… or risk being sucked dry by a vampiric world.

General Musings:

No character section again, this time I figured for the 3 characters involved it wasn’t worth it, since the entire story revolves around their personalities, and naturally merges with this section.

Firstly special thanks to @ShroudedDancer for recommending this volume. I probably wouldn’t have gotten to it for ages, if ever. Though when I read NetComic’s “vampish vampire” comment in the synopsis I knew it was going to be one to read.

What really surprised me is just how much I loved this volume. It was funny, has a great story, interesting characters, and an ending that had me giggling all over (not to mention getting funny looks from the missus).

I was looking around for some info on the series and found most sites list it as containing graphic sex, which sort of contradicts the age rating (it’s a 16+). After reading it through I figured the 16+ is about right. While it does have a lot of sexual innuendo, some nudity and stuff, I didn’t see anything that would really make it worthy of a “graphic sex” label.

There’s only really three characters in this volume, and I’ll be upfront and honest and say all bar one are pretty crappy designed. Some reviewers have criticised the volume for this bad art, but I can’t do that. The art, while far from being great, adds to the comical value.

Though that’s not to say the art is perfect, because it isn’t. In fact several times I found that character designs changed from page to page, which is a bit annoying. Lack of consistency in the designs is a problem, but it’s not a big one.

The story is simple. and that’s why I think it works so well. Rather than getting into all the ins and outs of vampire lore it simply focuses on the relationship between Yodong and the Vampire (we sadly never get a name for her). I liked how this relationship was built up, and how the manager was intermixed into it.

The manager’s attentions are funny as well, the way she reacts after rejection, what she tells Yodong to do, and then setting him up for sexual assault, are all done in a comical way. It’s a refreshing change to see such a situation being used for comedy relief. These days it’s all Political Correctness and it gets in the way of humour.

The ending of the volume was just hilarious, and was perfect for the volume. It’s a shame that Lee never carried on and made another volume or two for this. I’d love to have seen more of Yodong as he comes to terms with having a vampire for a lover.

Publisher Musings:

Sadly NetComics have not released this in a print form, only through their online reader. However you can rent the entire volume for a mere $1, which I find to be excellent value for money.

They decided to edit out the SFX’s in this volume, which bugs me a bit (I firmly believe in keeping things as close to original as possible), but that’s just something I don’t like and has no real impact on the story.

I can highly recommend this volume if you’re after a laugh. It’s a novel twist to the vampire lover plot that’s been over used to death. Go buy, enjoy, and die of laughter 😀

Now you can join me in living in hope that they release it as a print copy, or at least as a kindle/PDF

Author: Ryu Sheng