Ryu’s Musings – Your Love Sickness (One-Shot)

9781569701836 ISBN-13: 9781569701836
Language: English
Direction: Right to Left
by: Kuku Hayate
Pages: 208 
Publisher: June
Type: One-Shot
Genre: Yaoi

The Shrine Inari is protected by two divine-being foxes – Unka and Aura. Unka, a red fox, is the serious one and born into a lower social class. Aura, pure-bred white fox, is the reckless and irresponsible one. Can opposites attract? Would they play nice to each other? Unka, who is unable to express himself honestly, and Aura, who always goes all-out to get what he wants, really fall in love!?

General Musings:

Since this is a collection of one shot stories I’m not doing a character section this time, would be to big and pointless.

I have to admit that when I started to read this I wasn’t expecting a lot from it. While I don’t mind yaoi, the frequent raping of characters does get on my nerves a bit, not to mention it’s always seemed so pointless to me.

Your Love Sickness was a breath of fresh air and a pleasant change. Instead of the usual rape stories we get a series of what i suppose you could class as true love stories. I found these stories to be well written, fun, and touching.

The first story is a love sto5ry between two fox demons of differing stations. While i didn’t really like the character designs of the adult wolves, the kids, or rather half human/cubs were just so damned cute. They’re really well drawn and just looked so adorable.

There’s no real story to it, rather just two lovers trying to come to terms with their feelings. Some of the scenarios they get into are funny, and some i couldn’t help but laugh at.

Then we have another story with a god seducing a human, again it’s a romance story with a good twist of two guys coming to terms with their feelings. I have to admit that I loved the character designs this time. Especially Kugira, who while looked a hell of a lot like one of the guys from the previous story, did have a rather cool appearance.

Again there’s no real story to the chapter, but it does have a good flow to it. Boy meets god, gets seduced, goes home a month later, and wants to meet god again. Predictable as hell, but still a good read. Made all the better by the fact there’s once again no rape involved.

The next two stories shift up an age to the modern day and age. For me I love the olden age feel of the original stories, and I also prefer the atmosphere and characters of olden Japan. Samurais and their like always make for an excellent read.

The last two stories were okay, but truthfully i didn’t like them. There was nothing really wrong with them, but for me i would have preferred an older age setting like the rest of the stories.

My version was read on the eManga website, so no comments on the quality of the paper release. The eManga release though was a good read. The editing was excellent and easy to read.

Overall it was a good read, and one I liked because it has all of the elements of Yaoi that i like, but none of the ones i hate

Author: Ryu Sheng