Back in Business!!

Well, I’m happy to say I’ll be back reviewing stuff again. A lot has changed since i stopped all those months ago, most notably I’ve moved home.

I had hopped to focus my first few review on Hideyuki Kikuchi, however when i moved the box which had all my Kikuchi books in went missing. So until I’m able to repurchase them all that’s on hold.

I have however been able to get Demon City: Shinjuku Omnibus and Yashakiden Vol 1 on Kindle, so I’ll review those. I’ve also got a few new releases from Seven Seas to go up. Expect to see the first later tonight and the rest up over the next week.

I’m planning to change things up a bit in the way i write, since looking back over the posts I’ve made so far I’ve found them a little dry. I want to bring them more to life and have them flow more naturally.

I’ll also be reviewing a lot more anime, j-movies and k-movies. I won’t be doing many drama series, since a lot of the j-drama I’ve seen so far have not impressed me and just haven’t gotten into them. A few however have grabbed me and I’ll do those.


Anyway, glad to be home!!


Author: Ryu Sheng

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