Ryu’s Musings – My Cute Cross-Dresser (18+)

Disclaimer: This title is an 18+ mature title. While nothing explicit is posted on this site, please not that the title in question is a hentai title and will contain (usually) explicit sex scenes. 

ccdLanguage: English
Direction: Right to Left
Pages: 187
Publisher: Project-H
Type: One-Shot
Genre: Hentai, Gender-Bender, Cross-Dressing


What happens when a bunch of nerdy guys (without girlfriends) get together to try to catch a perverted predator on a crowded train – and decide to run a sting operation? But, how would they do that? Who or what would they use for a decoy to catch this predator? Oh, we know! Let’s dress up one as a girl! Yes – HE is a SHE! He looks so cute! He’s just perfect and anyone would fall for him! Including his classmates!

This review is from the E-Manga.com website version, not the print version, which is available from Amazon worldwide.

Firstly, while this title is rated as 18+ and containing explicit content, there are no actual sex scenes in this volume. Mostly kissing, groping, and a LOT of innuendo.

Firstly i get it right off my chest, I’m not a hentai fan, however i did enjoy this title. In a lot of ways it reminded me of the Yubisaki Milk tea series, which is also about cross-dressing.

Anyway, onto the title. The cover pretty much tells you all you need to know. We have a title here full of guy who look and act like girls, dress up and frankly are impossible to tell the difference between. While i did like the volume i do wish that it was a single volume story, rather than different stories. The first story is pretty much the best of them, since it has the most believable plot line. The others are all one shots, and while enjoyable, are really nothing more than an excuse to kiss a guy dressed as a girl.

Raising Decoy, the first story, revolves around Miharu wanting to help his father out. his dad is a railway cop having problems with molesters on the trains. His son decides he has to help out and the best way to do it is to catch a groper in the act. So he dresses as a girl. He gets found out by a classmate Keigo, who points out that simply dressing as a girl isn’t enough, and gets roped into helping make Miharu more girly.

As the story progresses it takes a subtle turn as the relationship between the two changes, Miharu becomes more and more like a girl, and Keigo finds it harder and harder to keep the fact that Miharu is a guy in mind. this is compounded by the fact that Miharu has a habit of clinging onto Keigo in a very girly manner, and even kisses him. Later in the series when Miharu arrives at Keigo’s house in a stressed out state, so Keigo kisses him to calm him down.

there is no real end to the story which is a shame, since it’s a very cute story with a lot of character to it. the characters are well fleshed out and have a great personality to them, which is why it’s so easy to actually like the characters. The art style is beautiful, and i found Miharu to be very cute and frankly a lot of the time i found myself forgetting he was a guy Open-mouthed smile Which is how these stories should be.

The other stories are more raunchy, and more aggressive than the first, but don’t cross the line, but they’re all one chapter long.

The first, Spilled Milk, is a story about a group of guys who have all been rejected and all want the same thing. One of them is short guy, who ends up dressed up as a girl, giving kisses to the rest of the guys. This chapter is nothing more than a different outfit chapter, and while the guy is cute, he never really comes across as a girl. This was due to the shortness of the chapter, there was no feel of girliness from him, he was just a cute guy dressed as a girl.

The second, Angels Flight, is a bit better. Baseball player knocks out a guy who looks like a girl, given a cheerleaders outfit to wear while his clothes are cleaned, and shenanigans ensue. This chapter was definitely better than the previous for me, mainly because the guy/girl was introduced in a ambiguous way, so it was easy to see him as a girl. He also got into the ‘girly’ aspect rather quickly which helped carry it off as well. I really liked this story as well, the characters were cool and the cheerleader outfits were really well done Open-mouthed smile

The third, Actress, i really didn’t like. The ‘girl’ this time is not really well done. The initial scene with him is great, however his ‘boy’ personality id to over bearing and all it did was highlight the fact that it was a guy dressing as a girl. In fact i found the supporting guy who gets roped into cross-dressing better and cuter than the main. Artistically they were both cute girls, but the personality issue caused some problems for me.

The fourth, Leo And the Night Sky of Summer, is probably the one that comes closest to crossing the line. But it essentially was just another cute guy getting dressed up in different costumes. It wasn’t the greatest story, but the different costumes were well drawn, and the ‘girl’ really did come off as being a girl, which was better than the previous chapter.

Overall i did enjoy this volume and it’s one I’d definitely buy. Project-H did a good job with the translations as far as i can tell. they flow pretty well. However with this sort of volume there’s not really a lot of text to translate as it’s more of a visual feast.

Currently it’s available from Amazon world wide, and from the E-Manga website in their new hentai section.

Author: Ryu Sheng