Ryu’s Musings – Love on the Job Vol 01

Disclaimer: This title is an 18+ mature title. While nothing explicit is posted on this site, please not that the title in question is a hentai title and will contain (usually) explicit sex scenes.  In future all reviews of hentai titles will be below the cut so it’s up to you if you want to read them. This is because some covers are NSFW.

9781624590191Language: English
Direction: Right to Left
Pages: 196
by: Chihiro Harumi
Publisher: Project-H
Type: Series
Genre: Hentai


Ryou and Minori are two lovebirds fresh out of school and eager to start their new jobs at their dream companies. Unfortunately, their employers turn out to be bitter rivals who forbid their employees from fraternizing with their competitors. The young couple will have to keep their relationship a secret as they fend off their curious (and amorous) co-workers. How long can they keep the deception going?

I’ve got to be honest and up front here, I really didn’t like this release. Frankly I found it dull, uninteresting, and the sex was even worse.

the plot line for this series has potential, a lot of it, but Chihiro never really puts any attention on it. Now yes, I’m aware this is a hentai and as such the story is secondary. However, for me, the story is complementary to the sex. If it’s done right the story can and does heighten the emotions of the sex scenes.

However here, what we have is a series of sex scenes interjected with sparse story elements along the way.

I probably wouldn’t be as critical if the sex scenes were stimulating, but they weren’t. frankly they were dull as hell repetitive and not well drawn. The censoring in this volume was pretty bad, a lot of empty white space was used, rather than using the bodies or surroundings to act as a censor. there was some of this, but it just highlighted the white space more.

The sex was way over used as well, almost every other page was a sex scene of some sort. This is also what makes it a weak manga. Spice over used destroys the taste, so to speak, since this volumes felt like one continuous sex scene it just got dull.

I also didn’t like Minori very much, i found her rather unattractive and felt like Ryou should hook up with any of the girls available from his new work place, they at least seem more stimulating and interesting than the piece of dead wood called Minori.

Project-H did a pretty decent job with the translations, as far as i could tell. There were no glaring mistakes, and the story, such as it was, flowed well. My only complaint is the way they handled the SFX, I prefer the original Japanese SFX with English either on the side of the panel or in a glossary; but lets face it in hentai manga SFX translation isn’t needed if the scene is doing it’s job. This however is a matter of personal taste, some like the translations in the scenes and some don’t.

Not sure I’d buy this one though, it just doesn’t do anything for me, the story is dull and the sex is worse. Granted it could get better as the series progresses, however given the cost of the volume, I’m not sure I’ll go beyond volume one. I’d rather spend my money on titles I know I’ll like and buy.

Not really a lot more i can say about this, so I’ll bring this post to an end

Author: Ryu Sheng