Ryu’s Musings – Credo – Faith Declaration: Artbook

01Language: English
Direction: Right to Left
Pages: 77
by: Toshiki Kusanagi
Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Type: One-Shot
Genre: Shojo


Bishies, bishies, and more bishies! And did we mention the cute kid? Featuring stunning full color illustrations depicting characters from the shoujo manga "Theory of Boy Evolution," this art book also includes an illustrated index with comments by the manga-ka, Toshiki Kusanagi, and a bonus mini-manga! Get ready to alternately drool and say, "Awww…." as the candid photo out-take vibe takes you behind the scenes and insinuates these guys into your affections.

I really don’t know how to review Art Books, so I’m just going to put down what i think here Open-mouthed smile Hope this helps hehe

Firstly, this is short, mega short, only 77 pages all told, though the good chunk of those are art pages. So, onto my thoughts….

This is so hard to do, since i don’t  really see the point of art books >.< Anyway, this book consists of various art panels, usually consisting of the guys from the Theory of Boy Evolution (never heard of it lol).

I have to admit i do like some of the art, they’re interesting, colourful and carry a sense of life with them. I especially liked the ones with the little kid in them, those are the ones i found more life like. The art style is consistent throughout the volume, with a good mix of mediums used.

I also like the way Toshiki uses different styles of art on at times, with scenery settings and those weird egg shaped ones as well, all the way to single characters standing in thin air.

Currently this is only available through the e-manga website, with no print release date as yet.

Other than this i don’t really know what to say, i honestly don’t understand art books. I suppose if your a fan of the series then it’s worth picking up.

Sorry this was such a short and bad review >.<

Author: Ryu Sheng