Ryu’s Musings – Planet Ladder vol01&02

pl01Language: English
Direction: Right to Left
By: Yuri Narushima
Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Type: Series
Genre: Drama, Shojo, Supernatural


I see the tarot cards in my dreams. I turn them over in hopes of finding all the answers — Who am I? Where do I come from? Why are these people after me? But when I turn over the last card, it is always blank. My name is Kaguya. I thought I was an ordinary high-school girl. That is, until a crazy warrior appeared in my bedroom one night and transported me to another planet where people call me princess. Now, the questions in my dream are more urgent than ever. Will I ever get home again…or is this my home?

Okay a couple of things, firstly i had three volumes of this to review but for some reason the third volume wouldn’t download as a mobi file. Also I’ve found that the emanga online reader doesn’t work right for my screen resolution. So I’ve not been able to read the third volume, which sucks cause i like this series!!

Secondly, if your sat there thinking ‘I’ve seen this series before’ you’d be right. This was originally licensed and fully released by Tokyopop, so this was re-licensed by DMG.

The art is typical shojo staple, which at times is good and at others pretty bad. Though honestly it really didn’t bother me to much. I found some of the character designs to be a bit inconsistent, but not in a big way. Kaguya was a prime example of this, over the two volumes her design seemed to fluctuate as to the way she looked. This did break immersion a bit, which is never a good thing, but i sort of got used to it. The other character designs were pretty well done, with some interesting design choices for some characters.

Okay the story i got from the first two volumes was pretty good, with some interesting developments that make you wonder where things are going to go. Kaguya was a bit annoying initially, but as the story was revealed you could sort of understand why she was the way she was.

The other thing i liked was that while we got a lot of story, a lot of character development, we still really don’t know what’s going on. Even later on when more is revealed you still get the impression that there’s something else hidden.

I also have to admit some curiosity to the adoptive family for Kaguya, the first volume blew your mind with what was revealed. As a result i really want to know is what happened to them. Is what happened somehow related to Kaguya and the prophecy or something else. I like all these little plot things that keep you thinking and pondering, they ensure you’ll read subsequent volumes.

I’m really surprised this was picked up by DMG since it was fully released by Tokyopop, especially since they’ve re-translated and edited the series. Most re-license titles seem to use the original translations as a way to keep costs low, unless they’re really bad.

Unfortunately  the editing on these two volumes suffers, with a lot of text being just two damned small to see. this is something I’ve noticed a few of the DMG titles and i hope they rectify soon. The rest of the font’s used were well done, though i did notice a few minor spelling mistakes.

Overall i enjoyed these two volumes and look forward to finishing the series and do recommend it if you’re after a bit of Fushigi Yugi styled action, only in a few volumes instead of loads Open-mouthed smile

Author: Ryu Sheng