Looking for members to join a new Manga Round-About

So, i’m looking for a few people to join me in a new monthly section of the blog, called Manga Round About.

Ideally i’m looking for 3 others minimum to work with it on me. The process is simple, each month a member of the team will pick 2 titles, the first licensed and the second unlicensed for everyone to read. Each week after that in order we’d each post a review of the 2 titles, followed in the final week by a Round-About style discussion on the two titles. This part will possibly be done as a skype call, recorded and released as a podcast, along with a transcript post on my blog, as well as the announcement of the next 2 titles and why they were choosen.

I think one unlicensed and one licensed is a good balance, hopefully by bringing some great unlicensed stuff to the fore we can get them licensed, as well as bringing attention to some great but under known already licensed stuff.

If your interested please use the contact me page.

Author: Ryu Sheng