The Phoenix Rises!

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes to fly again, this site is reviving and being renewed!

Over a year ago I moved away from this site to focus on my gaming site ( and the Button Smashers site ( However as time went by I focused more and more on the BSP site. That was until I had to take a leave of absence from all of my sites due to work and life pressures.

Now I’m coming back into things again I find I no longer want to spend my time splitting between 3 sites, and honestly can’t see a reason why I should. So I’ve decided to merge my gaming site into Ryu’s Dreams, and just do the occasional post over on BSP as a ‘guest editor’. As for what that will entail, honestly I’m not sure right now.

As for this site, we’ll you’ll be seeing some major changes in both site layout and content. I’m hoping to hire Lissa, who created this sites theme, to create a new theme for the site. Content wise there’s going to be some new added to the old:

          Ryu’s Musing’s

This is still going to be the same as always, my general thoughts and musings on what ever the post is about. However it will be expanded to include all games, not just JRPG’s, as well as pc and console technology.

          Ryu’s Bites

As before this will be a short post, usually containing 2 or 3 items. Generally speaking this will be where I post about stuff I just can’t finish because it was so bad and I don’t feel it warrants a full post.

          Ryu’s Views

A new section where I’ll be posting my general thoughts and opinions on random topics, ranging from games, technology, controversies, pretty much anything that takes me fancy. These will all be opinion pieces, with all the caveats that apply to them.

          Ryu’s Dreams

This is where I’ll talk about unlicensed manga and anime that I feel should be licensed.

          One Sucky Gamer!

This is the new Twitch and YouTube channel. Where I, as some one who sucks at games, will embarrass myself inform of the masses by showing off just how much I suck! Always keep that title in mind, I picked it for a reason! I am not a competent gamer, I honestly don’t care if I ever become one! I play games simply because I like them and that’s all. If you want to laugh along with me, be welcome. If you want to rage at how bad I am, don’t bother.

          The RyuCast

This is something I’m still considering at the moment, a fortnightly podcast where I talk about random news from all areas I post about. As well as some recommendations and general banter. Not 100% sure if I’m going to do this yet though.

So that’s where things are at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get to see you all back here in the future!

Author: Ryu Sheng