All good things…

So, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, my time with Button Smashers Podcast has come to an end. I joined BSP almost from its start and have seen most of the original guys go, in fact as far as I can recall only me and Q are left these days.

When I first joined I came from my own site Ryu’s Dreams and ended up moving over to BSP full time.However, I had to leave for a while due to work, life, and just a general burn out. When I returned I found the site had gone through significant changes, including a change in direction, which I wasn’t comfortable with.

As time has gone by this unease I had has grown and this tied with a number of ‘incidents’ with other members of the new BSP have left me with a feeling of it’s time to return to my own home.

I don’t like the way the site is headed, but I’m not saying the direction is wrong, it’s just not right in my mind. So, rather than causing conflict here trying to argue for my own view I’ll take it back to my own little home.

I still consider Q to be a good friend, and my curry bro and wish everyone here the best


Author: Ryu Sheng