Competition Time!! Loads of Digital Manga Goodies!!

There’s a few prizes up for grabs and i’m sorry but you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops to get them 😀

The Prizes:

1st Place: Itazura na Kiss Volumes 1-3

2nd Place: Jyu oh Sei Anime

3rd Place: She the Ultimate Weapon (Saikano) Anime Box set, including the OVA

Runner up: Yashakiden 1-2 (runner up prize because they’ve each been read twice by me for my reviewing, other wise they’re as new).

So what do you have to do to win these prizes, well it’s a multi purpose competition and you have to complete ALL of them to win.

Firstly, read through my blog and write me a comment telling me what you think of it. I’m still learning about blogging, so all feedback is welcome, just keep it civil folks.

Second, tell me which of my reviews is most likely to influence you into buying the title reviewed.

Thirdly, follow me on twitter 

Finally, give me three titles that are licensed, but you haven’t bought and give me a good reason what you haven’t, and I’ll pick the top three out of the entire list and buy and review them. I’ll also then forward the copies I buy to one of the winners after I’ve reviewed it.

Contest runs from today, November 16th, until 8pm GMT December 2nd. Winners will be announced the next day, 3rd December. Hopefully prizes will reach reach winners before Christmas, but that’s dependant on your own countries mail.



1) No country limitations, if it can get to you by post you can enter. But i can not be held responsible if it gets held up by your countries mail service. All prizes will be sent recorded (signed for)

2) If you already own Itazura na Kiss 1-3 you can pick ANY 3 Digital Manga Publishing titles as a replacement (Some restrictions based on the cost, no individual volume can cost more than £10).

3)Anime Box Sets are the UK region, so if you’re outside the UK you will need a multi-region player.

4) If i think of something i’ll add it 😀

Author: Ryu Sheng

1 thought on “Competition Time!! Loads of Digital Manga Goodies!!

  1. Lol I just realised I’ve had this in my browser to enter since 16th Nov…>.> At least I’m not too late! Given the apparent lack of entrants, though, I understand if you’d like to scrap it this time. I’m going to answer anyway since I had some prepared..

    1. I’m seeing a lot of reviews on your blog. A LOTTTT. And I’d like to see the reviews organised in some way, because at the moment it’s quite impossible to browse through older reviews without having to go slowly through ‘older posts’, which I never do. In terms of the actual reviews, I have to say that I’m really a flip-test and how’s-the-art kind of person. So I usually just skim through reviews. A general mark, score, or really brief sum up of what you thought would be nice. Kinda like what you have on your ‘read list to be reviewed’, which, by the way, is it me or has it not been updated for a while? XD

    Also, any particular reason your comments for old posts are closed..? Automatically or? I still see reviews being relevant months after they’re posted; but that’s a personal choice and not a big deal. Just curious. 🙂

    2. Le Chevalier d’Eon, because I’m lazy, it’s on the front page, you’ve read the entire series so I’d expect you to have a good idea of it, and I’ve heard about it and been interested in it. Del Rey usually does a good job, too.

    3. I r @bythebooks. Haven’t seen you around on Twitter recently, hope you’re ok and just busy or summat. 🙂

    4. As far as I’m concerned, the only good reason is ‘it’s out of print or the publishers have dropped it’. But since you’re going to buy it, I’ll have to come up with something else..>.> So this was pretty hard to answer. 🙁
    * Moyashimon, because the anime is pretty much the same storyline and I recently watched both the anime and the live action. Need some time to forget it a bit so the story will be somewhat-new to me again. And also, I’m nitpicky and don’t really like that it became MoyasImon..:( But that’s not a good reason, hurhur. XD
    * Code Geass: Knight because much as I like the CG bishounen, I heard that it was pretty much doujin and the art varied in quality. Would like to see a sample before I get it…
    * The Witch of Artemis, because I read a sample and liked it, but not enough to want to read on.

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