I have returned!! With some extras!!

Welp, figured I’d better make this post. the past 2 months have, without a doubt, been the best of my life.

Firstly i finally married my fiancé Megan, rather she decided she was sick of waiting on me to set a date and took matters into her own hands hehe. She, along with some of our friends and her folks set it all up and put me on the spot so i couldn’t run away.

Also, we bought a new house, so we ended up moving….again. We now have our own house, which is costing us a lot less than it would have in rental.

And to top it off, we both got promoted at work, so we’re getting more money coming in. Not to mention I’m now on full flexi-time which makes my life a hell of a lot easier.

The down side was of course when we went to her folks for Christmas. The UK got hit with the worst snow in recorded history, and we got cut off. So we went through hell of having to live in a romantic cottage, with open fires and bottles of wine for a while. Can you say double honeymoon 😀

Anyways, I’m now back and getting started into my posts again, the first of which will be up in a few hours or so.

Author: Ryu Sheng

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