Ryu’s Musings – Mizuki Episodes 1 & 2

01[4] Language: English
Direction: Right to Left
by: Nao Yazawa
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Type: Series
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shojo


Mizuki just wants to be a normal teenage girl, however, she has one problem. Whenever she gets angry she transforms into a devil! She was born into a family of devils and now it is her mission, along with her partner Sekito, to transform into a devil and fight monsters. What is a girl to do when all she really wants is to be normal! Like any teenage girl, Mizuki has a school crush. The one secret she can never let anyone know is that she can transform into a devil! When the school is under attack and her partner Sekito wants her to fight, how will she defend the school, save her crush, but not reveal her secret?!

General Musings:

No character musings, since this is essentially just two chapters and frankly not enough for me to make a proper thoughts on them.

The art in this series looks and feels dated, but for me it worked really well for me, but then it’s a shojo series so the art sort of makes sense. I have to admit that reading it through the second time I found the art reminding me more and more of the old Sailor Moon styled series.

The same is sort of true with the story, though i have to admit i do like the twist this time. Rather than being an angel or super-heroine, she’s a devil saving the day. these sort of twists do breath life into an old genre.

The story is rather fast paced, jumping in at the deep-end right from the start. There’s little in the way of an explanation as to why a devil would be doing what she does, but then, again, as it’s only two chapters there’s room to grow.

It’s hard to judge a new title after only two chapters, but I will admit i enjoyed reading it. Hopefully future chapters will be just as enjoyable, but a bit more revealing.

I do like Mizuki as a character, her reactions to things was just funny as hell. In the second chapter i actually did got a little lump in my throat and had to swallow a few times.

I’m looking forward to the following chapters, or an official volume release.

Publisher Musings:

This seems to be a first for eManga who seem to be taking a leaf from NetComics and releasing the series in a chapter by chapter basis. I’m in two minds over this to be honest, mainly over the costs involved. NetComics charge around the 25c a chapter, where as eManga is charging a staggering $2.75 a chapter. That’s a huge jump in price, and i have to admit seems a bit over priced, hopefully they’ll find a cheaper price model to use.

Author: Ryu Sheng