Ryu’s Musing’s – Angelic Runes Vol 2

9781569702215 ISBN-13: 9781569702215
Language: English
Direction: Right to Left
Pages: 200
by: Makoto Tateno
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Type: Series
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Shojo


Sowil continues on in his journey to find his father, accompanied by the two child oracles who channel the voices of angels and demons. Each encounter with a new angel or demon yields yet another clue about who his father is, and lifts a bit more of the seal that is laid upon Sowil’s memory. The wheel of fate is turning and it is quite evident that Sowil, the children, and the supernatural beings they meet, are but cogs in the machine of destiny. Or are they? The fate of the world may rest in their hands!

Character Musings:

This volume introduced yet more characters, and for the most part they all have a roe to play. Only Anita leaves me wonder what her role is, though she does add some light relief. Frankly though she really only seems like a little filler content.

Mushussu seems to be nothing but a mount, though he has the potential to be something interesting as well.

Sagan, Taurus’s master makes a rather impressive entrance. And I felt that he was the main force in this volume. He’s an interesting character with a well formed personality. He has a slightly superior attitude, that at first makes him come across as obnoxious, but over the course of the volume he grew on me.

Story Musings:

The story this volume takes a more fast paced flow, with Sowil moving towards finding the truth about who he is.

As last time we get a few cute moments with the twins, but they mostly take a back seat in this volume. Though we do get to see more of their demonic and angel aspects, which look awesome.

I do like the way Makoto allowed the story to flow. We get to see Sowil going through the obligatory “face his fears” bit, and I did like the way she brought in his mother. I felt it was really well scripted and had a great ending.

As the later half of the volume comes to a close we finally learn, some of the truth about Sowil. It’s then we get hit with a whammy, which made me cry a little (in remorse hehe). After a brief reunion we finally get the full hard hitting truth about Sowil. The climax is amazing with the final showdown between Loft and Sowil.


As I said in my previous post (on volume 1) the art is pretty awesome. The only thing in this volume I didn’t like was the design of Mushussu. In his designs I found it looked bad, this was due to the different mix of creatures making it up. When he was in his little form he looks like a chibi Chihuahua.

As usual the other character designs are well done, I loved the designs for the angelic and demonic Allueh & Erudite.

Publisher Musings:

I actually have the book this time (last time I read it on e-Manga), and I have to say I’m impressed. The issues I had with the previous volume aren’t present in the book format. The fonts are easy to read and follow.

Both volumes are the oversized you usually attribute to manhwa, but I do think they do well in this size. Although realistically there’s no difference, the setting fits an oversized volume, it feels open and airy. That said I don’t like the pink covers, I hate pink on covers, especially when the entire cover is pink like these are.

Overall what we have here is one of the few manga that EVERYONE needs to read, I am devastated now that I have to wait for the next volume. This be the down side of enjoying current running series *sigh*

Author: Ryu Sheng