Time to Rally the Troops!!

As you can see from the side bar to the right, one of my fave manga is a title by Nao Yazawa called The isolated Zone. I highly recommend this series, but it seems that DMP the publishers are lagging behind in the releases. So it’s time to rally the troops and get pestering!!

If you haven’t already go get the title from EManga and you’ll see why i liked it so much, if you have got it already drop Nao Yazawa a message of support on twitter, then either email DMP at contact@emanga.com and let them know you want the series to continue. Also don’t forget to drop them tweets on both the Digital Manga and Digital Manga Guild twitter accounts. Let them know the fans want their Nao fix and we want it NOW (pun intended :P)

The problem with delayed releases is that while a title may have a strong following at first, the longer they wait to release the subsequent volumes the less interest there is, thus less sales. So come on manga fans, lets rally up and show DMP there is interest in this series!!

Hopefully it won’t end up a forgotten series!!

Author: Ryu Sheng